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Terrasconcert – TSOP[skg]

Het laatste terrasconcert van dit jaar op het erf van Molen de Ster


TSOP[skg] is an indie-folk singer-songwriter from Greece currently living in Utrecht, Netherlands. His voice and guitars, while fragile and mellow respectively, create an intimate -almost tangible- atmosphere. However, his blues and rock ‘n’ roll influences are still perceptible in his performances that often reach high levels of energy and volume! Nostalgic and cloudy, but also powerful and loud, his music is about togetherness, dreaming and remembering. TSOP[skg] released his first EP Home in March 2020 just before the breakout of the Corona pandemic. At the moment he is wrapping up the recordings of his sophomore EP 1200 Miles which will be released in Autumn 2021. Drawing inspiration from artists like The Barr Brothers, Sufjan Stevens, The Tallest Man On Earth, Ferran Palau, while reading the poetry of Raymond Carver, Mary Oliver and Jack Kerouac, TSOP[skg] incorporated a vast amount of influences into creating his personal style of writing songs and performing music in general.


Neem een eigen picknickkleedje mee of neem plaats op het terras en kom luisteren naar het laatste terrasconcert van dit jaar.


Inloop: 12:30 uur
Aanvang: 13:00 uur
Einde: 14:30 uur

Toegang: gratis



Bij regen wordt dit concert mogelijk naar binnen verplaatst

Dit terrasconcert wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Gemeente Utrecht.